Seven Lakes Marine is Your Bullet Boats Dealer

Seven Lakes Marine is proud toe be the North Eastern Bullet Boat dealer of chose for the 7 Lakes area of New Hampshire. We have been providing our customers sales and service on these one of kind bass boats since 1997. Take a look at the information and models below, go visit the and then let’s talk. We can order, deliver and get you on the water in the boat of your dreams with all the options and functions to help you reel in the big one at the next tournament,

Bullet Boats is a high-quality, performance-driven boat manufacturer that has been building all-American bass boats since 1980. Our mission is to provide anglers with top-notch boats that will last for years to come.

Over the past 42 years, Bullet Boats ownership has remained the same and they have developed, expanded, and redefined its model offerings to meet the needs and demands of customers. Bullet Boats has operated primarily as a quality-driven company that places attention to customer service, detail and craftsmanship.

Bullet boats are not your average mass produced bait like you see at all the big stores and marinas. Bullet Boats are 100% hand laid- not just the hull, but the deck, live well and storage boxes and even the floors; a true 100% hand laid boat. The techniques involved with hand lay-up require skill, patience and careful precision. Chopper guns (machines that spray resin onto a mold to create parts), robotic assembly or automated lamination will never be used at Bullet. This unbending standard for excellence means that our production–despite greater demand–will remain basically limited. They control quality on each and every boat by only building the volume that they can build to their standards. It would be impossible to mass produce a boat like Bullet. They don’t try to build the largest number of units and their GOAL IS TO BUILD EVERY BOAT THE BEST BOAT POSSIBLE!

Bullet boats are made with Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Bias-Ply Knits, Vinyl Ester Resins and various core materials. These materials demand a thorough knowledge of their application. Their employees are schooled in the composition and construction of a Bullet Boat, as are its designers. They use techniques and materials that we are confident will result in the quality they demand and have been proven for decades. Bullet’s boats have the best fishing layouts, timeless lines, precision fit and finish, plus uncompromising fuel economy both on the water and towing. Bullet’s boats offer a smooth and dry ride (even in rough waters), and excellent handling and performance from hole-shot all the way to top-end. Bullet also offers superior fishability with its largest live wells in the industry and tremendous amount of storage.